Data Protection Notice

The websites,,, and are operated by the Humusz Waste Prevention Alliance (hereinafter: Humusz). Humusz hereby informs visitors to these sites that it fully respects the data protection provisions of Act LXIII of 1992 on the Protection of Personal Data and Public Access to Data of Public Interest (Hereinafter: DPA).The manner in which personal data are processed, the organisational and technical measures taken in order to protect such data, the rights of those concerned and legal remedies are outlined below. 

1.    Data manager
The data manager is the Humusz Waste Prevention Alliance (address: 1111 Budapest, Saru u. 11. , Hungary), hereinafter: /data manager/

2.    Data used and stored
a) For each visit to our websites, the name of downloaded sites, the time of download and the individual's username (for logged-in users) will be stored.b) Registration is required to use the Message Board and to be able to participate in online voting on the site. To register, users are required to provide a username and a functional e-mail address.c) To subscribe to our Newsletters (Weekly Newsletter, 'Salad' Newsletter - green news for educators, Newsletter on Information Sessions) users are required to provide their surname and given name in addition to their e-mail address.d) Once registered, users may also provide their surnames and given names in the cases described under 2.a) and b). This data will not be linked to information about the user's computer. 

3.    Purpose of use
a) Data submitted under 2.a) will be exclusively used for the preparation of visitor statistics. Data management also serves security purposes. b) Data submitted under 2.b) and c) will be used by the system to identify user rights.c) Data submitted under 2.c) are required in order to comply with the provisions of paragraph 6.§ (2) of the Act XLVIII of 2008 on the Basic Requirements and Certain Restrictions of Commercial Advertising, which provides for an obligatory statement of consent.d) The data manager does not use data for purposes other than those set out under 3.a), b) and c).

4.    Data management period
a)    Registration data submitted under 2.b) and c) will be stored in the system until a user requests their deletion.

5.    Access to data
a) The website administrators have access to the data submitted in sections 2. a)–c) above.b) Administrators may only use e-mail addresses provided by users to send forgotten passwords.c) Apart from the administrators mentioned above, we do not pass on personal data to third parties, except when we are obliged to comply with the data provision requirements of the DPA. Before responding to any official data provision requests, the data manager verifies that there is a sound legal base and obligation to respond to such requests. 

6.    Data security
The data are stored on the hard drives of our own servers in a protected server room. A high-quality firewall ensures protection from external attacks.

7.    Rights of users
a)    Data submitted under 2.a) are stored automatically. Users decide whether to provide other personal data. The legal basis for data management is the consent of the individuals concerned. b)    Users have the right to be informed about the management of their personal data. If requested, the data manager informs the individual concerned about the data it manages, the purpose, legal basis and period of time of data management, the name, address (seat) and data management related activities of the data manager. Information is also provided about to whom and for what purposes the data are passed on. For information, send an e-mail to The provision of information described above can only be denied in the cases outlined in paragraph 16 of the DPA. c)    Users may modify or amend their personal data by selecting the personal data sheet after they have logged in. d)    Users may request the deletion of their personal data. Deletion requests shall be sent to the e mail address listed under 7b). Once deletion has been executed, no data related to the user concerned can be restored. 

8.    Legal remedies
In case of a breach of their rights, Users may turn to the court. The court deals with the application as a matter of priority. The data manager is obliged to prove that its data management activities comply with the legislative provisions in force. The competent court is the one in whose jurisdiction the seat of the data manager is. The individual concerned may also choose the competent court based on their permanent (or temporary) place of residence and launch legal action there.
a) If the data manager manages data illegally or breaches technical data protection requirements, it shall pay any resulting damages. The data manager is also responsible for any damages caused by the data processor. The data manager is exempted from this responsibility if it can prove that the cause of such damages was unrelated to data management activities and could not have been averted. Damages resulting from intentional or seriously negligent action by the individual concerned shall not be paid.
b) Any concerned individual may also contact the Data Protection Commissioner at:Office: Nádor u. 22, H-1051 Budapest, HungaryPostal Address: Pf. 40, H-1387 Budapest, HungaryPhone: +36(1) 475 7186Fax: +36(1) 269 3541E-mail: