2015. január 23.

A new ecolabel to promote reuse and repair was launched in Sweden on Thursday. The Miljönär label is thought to be the first such scheme in Europe, said a spokeswoman for organiser Avfall Sverige, the Swedish waste management association. The scheme will be funded by municipalities.

2015. január 22.

laurenMy name is Lauren. I'm a 23-year-old girl living in NYC and I don't make trash. For real. No garbage bin, no landfill. Nada.

I know what you are thinking. This girl must be a total hippie. Or a liar. Or she's not real. But I assure you, I am none of those things. Well, except for real.

I didn't always live what some call a "zero waste" life.

2015. január 16.

The term circular economy may be new to finance, but the concept is not. The circular economy has caught on in large part because of the need to eliminate waste, where the breakdown of one system leads to the creation of another.

Hazel Henderson, futurist, economist and president and founder of Ethical Markets Media, has been chronicling emerging systems of consensual decision-making, stakeholder feedback, collaborative consumption and co-operatives bypassing Wall Street for years. Finance has fed circular economies for decades through public banking, local currencies and microfinance schemes, with newer forms of funding including crowdfunding and green bonds.


2015. január 05.

Starting Jan. 1, it will be illegal to throw food and food waste in the trash in Seattle, when a new ban takes effect to increase recycling and composting in the city.

Currently, Seattle residents are allowed to throw food and food waste – pizza boxes, dirty napkins, soiled paper towels – in the garbage. Residents are required to have a food and yard waste collection service, but they don't have to use it for food. (Backyard composters are exempt from that requirement.)

2014. december 29.

The European Commission has stepped back from plans to scrap ambitious waste recycling and air quality targets, following an outcry after they were leaked, but both pieces of legislation will be heavily amended.

Last week the Guardian reported that a clean air directive designed to reduce the health impacts from air pollution and a waste directive that would set states the target of recycling 70% of waste by 2030 were at risk. But on Tuesday the commission’s vice president Frans Timmermans rowed back on the original plans to axe them.

2014. december 18.

A European Environment Agency review of member states’ waste prevention plans has indicated that there is “substantial room for improvement”, with most lacking effective measures.

The 20 programmes adopted by the end of last year varied widely in their scope, duration and stringency, the EEA said on Wednesday. Only four specified a financial scheme for waste prevention and 11 a quantitative prevention target.

“The targets range from those linked to total waste to more specific targets linked to specific sectors or waste types, and are either expressed as waste generation in absolute terms, or per person or as waste intensity,” the EEA found.

2014. december 18.

The replacement for the scrapped circular economy package may contain more non-legislative policies to help cut the administrative burden of implementing EU waste goals, environment commissioner Karmenu Vella suggested on Wednesday.

He was speaking to journalists after an Environment Council meeting where ministers heavily criticised the European Commission for wasting time and effort already expended on the circular economy package with its plan to table a replacement proposal.

2014. december 17.

The decision has not been made yet, but the new incinerator in Dél-Pest would be part of the district heating system.

There is a plan to build a new waste incinerator in the sourthern part of Budapest - was read in the newspaper Világgazdaság referring to the assistant general manager of Főtáv Zrt., the capital's teleheating company.

2014. december 15.

Juncker and Timmermans are withdrawing proposals that people want, that are good for our health, economy, and for the environment.

11 countries have already signed a letter sent to Juncker to save both packages. To say either of these packages is not in line with the Commission’s agenda of growth and jobs is ridiculous. They are implementing the agenda of BusinessEurope, which has made it very clear that it wants these proposals axed or, at best, mutilated. If you want a sustainable and healthy future for Europe, sign the petitions below and show that you do care and do not let them wipe away the packages!

2014. december 12.

Killing draft laws designed to prevent 58,000 premature deaths and increase recycling would be economic suicide, say MEPs.

EU plans to tackle air pollution that causes tens of thousands of premature deaths and make countries recycle more of their rubbish are to be scrapped, according to leaked documents.

At risk are a clean air directive designed to reduce the health impacts from air pollution caused by vehicles, industry and power plants, and a waste directive that would set states the target of recycling 70% of waste by 2030.